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PubMed Parser

System Overview
PubMed Parser is a multi-departmental publication, author, and user, management system designed to accomplish the following:
• Manage, retrieve, and display publications from PubMed given details for multiple authors across multiple departments
• Allow for the customization and modification of publications retrieved by PubMed on a per-author basis.
• Separation of users into groups that allow overlapping levels of oversight and redundancy when managing publications in the system.
• Provide links to publication indexing services such as PubMed and the Rutgers Library to easily grant the maximum access permitted by law to publications for both university and non-university users.
• Simple integration with new and existing departmental websites via an iframe and JSON interface
• Maintain separate scopes for each author and department administrator – allowing users to modify and access their own information independently of one another and affecting records only related to their own department.

To see the full manual, click pdf here .

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