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Importing RULink Calendar into Zimbra

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In the images that follow, the username and account information of an IT employee was used for demonstration purposes.
Please replace these entries with your individual information where appropriate.

The following procedure will allow you to transfer all of your existing appointments from your Sun Calendar to the Zimbra Calendar:

Log into RULink using your NetID (e.g., your RCI account)
Click on Calendar
Click on Import/Export

Sun Calendar screenshot: Click on "Import/Export" on the right hand side of the Calendar

In the EXPORT section, it gives you the choice of selecting ALL appointments, or a date range. You can select whatever you prefer but we suggest limiting the number of past appointments unless there is a reason why you need to keep them.
Either leave it at the default ALL or select start and end dates

Import/Export Calendar window screenshot: Select based on the date what you would like to export

Push the EXPORT button
Select the button that says Save File
Push the OK button
It will save a file called export.ics
We recommend storing this file on your Desktop so it's easy to find.

Opening export screenshot: Click "Save file" and then "OK"

Go to the website
Log in with your NetID (e.g., your RCI account)

Calendar Converter page screenshot: Log in using your Net ID

Once you have logged in, it will ask you for the file created above
Push the Browse button and select that file
Then push the Submit Query button
When the conversion is complete you'll be prompted to download the newly converted file. It will be named as follows: your-user-name.ics

Calendar Conversion Tool screenshot: Click "Browse" to find the file then press "Submit Query"

Open your web browser and log into Zimbra using your Novell username. Note that it must be fully qualified -- e.g., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., not just ksproul
Click on the PREFERENCES tab
Click on the CALENDAR button

Zimbra Calendar Preferences screenshot: Click "Calendar" under "Import"

Click on the BROWSE button for DESTINATION
Click on the NEW button to Create a new calendar, it can be renamed later if needed

Zimbra Choose Folder screenshot: Click "New" on the bottom left

Click on the BROWSE button for FILE and find the file created above (NetID.ics)

File Upload screenshot: Choose the file name with your NetID and press "Open"

Make sure you choose the file with your NetID and not the export.ics file!
Push the OPEN Button

Zimbra Import Window screenshot: Press "Import" on the bottom right

Now you have your New Calendar selected, and the new file Your-NetID.ics
Push the IMPORT button in the lower right
You should now be able to click on the Calendar tab at the top, select the name of the calendar you imported your appointments into on the left and see all of the RULink appointments in Zimbra.

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