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Importing Mac Address Book into Zimbra

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In the images that follow, the username and account information of an IT employee was used for demonstration purposes.
Please replace these entries with your individual information where appropriate.

In order to convert your Apple Address Book into Zimbra, you'll need a program called Address Book Exporer which you can find here:

Download the above program
NOTE: This only works with Mac OSX 10.2 and higher
It will save a file called AddressBookExporter-2.1.2.dmg to your desktop
Double click on that file

Address Book Exporter Download Window

Double Click on the program "Address Book Exporter"
Use the defaults "Export using template Yahoo"
Push the EXPORT ADDRESS BOOK button in the top left
Save the file

Address Book Exporter screenshot: Choose which email address book to export from using the dropdown list

Go to Firefox and log into Zimbra
Click on the PREFERENCES tab
Click on the IMPORT / EXPORT tab
Click on the CONTACTS button

Zimbra screenshot: Click the "Browse..." button under "Import" for the destination

Click on the button BROWSE button for DESTINATION

Zimbra Folder screenshot: Click "New" on the bottom left to create a new address book

Select NEW and create a new address book "My Address Book" for example
Push the OK Button
Push the OK Button again

Address book screenshot: Name the address book using the text box near the top of the window

Click on the BROWSE button for FILE and find the file created above

File Upload window screenshot: Open the Exported Adress Book

Push the OPEN Button
Push the IMPORT button in the lower right
Click on the Address Book tab and check to make sure your contacts came in correctly

Zimbra Import Preferences screenshot: Click "Import" on the bottom right

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