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How to find space-wasting messages using Zimbra

Target the Largest Messages First

If you need help following these steps, please submit a Work Order with "Zimbra Message Size" in the Brief Description field.

In the images that follow, the username and account information of an IT employee was used for demonstration purposes. Please replace these entries with your individual information where appropriate.

This documentation shows how to find large messages in Zimbra Email.

On the main screen of the Zimbra interface is the SEARCH box


Type the following into the search box size:>3mb Make sure you include the COLON
(NOTE: You can use any size you want. Typical picture files are 1-5mb in size)


Now you can see the larger messages in your mail box and take appropriate actions
Or restrict even further by making the size you search for larger, for example, 5mb size:>5mb


Note: Look at the SIZE column, you can see how big each message is
If you don't see the SIZE column, right click on the header area (shown in green) and select the SIZE column


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