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How to set up Google Talk for Windows

You'll need to start by downloading the Google Talk messaging client software, which can be found here.

Upon clicking Download Google Talk, a new dialog box will open as seen below. Click Save.

Download Google Talk Pop-up screenshot: Click Save

You'll be prompted to select a location for the program. Choose the preferable location, such as within the Program Files under C Drive. Click Run.

Secutiy Warning Pop-up screenshot: Click "Run"

Continue following the installation instructions and Agree to terms of service. Once complete, the Google Talk application will launch. Login using your Google account (i.e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you need assistance setting up this Google Apps for Education account, see instructions here.

Google Talk Application screenshot: Login wih your Google account

A list of your buddies (or contacts) within the network will appear. It automatically syncs with the Chat feature that runs through Gmail and allows you to start Hangouts, etc. To begin chatting with someone from your buddy list, just click once on their username.

If you would like to Add a Buddy, simply click on the + Add button at the bottom of the window and enter in the appropriate contact information. You may use the photo below for reference.

To update your status that displays under your username, simply click on the space that says, Available, and you may either choose one of the options from the drop down list or customize it yourself.

Google Talk is also useful in that you have the capability to view past conversations you've had with people. If you're trying to recall a link someone sent you, or how they explained something, past chats are easily accessible. Right click on the buddy's name and click View past chats.

Google Talk Application screenshot: Right-click on a buddy's name to view past chats.

If you're not already logged into your Google account in a separate Internet Browser a new window will appear and prompt you to log in. Once you do so, a list of previous conversations will appear on the screen to search through.

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