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How do I connect to a networked printer?

First, check your printer list to make sure you don't already have the printer installed. (In Windows XP, click on Start -> Printers & Faxes. In Mac OS 10.2.x and later, click on Applications -> Utilities -> Print Center). Networked printers are named according to location and model. For example, the printer "LSH-A359-RMP2550" indicates a Ricoh MP2550 located in Lucy Stone Hall, Room A359. 

If you don't see the printer listed, it's possible you have access to it, but that it wasn't automatically installed on your workstation. To check for your printer go to  The list of printers will appear on the the left hand side in alphabetical order.  Click on the printer name, and if you have permission to use it, you will have the option to install it.  If the iPrint client is not installed, you will be prompted to install it at that time.  iPrint makes all your printing resources instantly accessible through a web browser.

If you are denied access, it means that you have not been granted permission to use the printer. In this case, you should contact your departmental administrator to request access.  

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