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VoIP Transition Questions

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Everyone's area code is going to change but the project is going to make an effort to let people keep their own phone number (after the area code) but we can't guarantee it.  When the survey is done in your building, you'll be given an opportunity to request that you retain your current extension.

Can I keep my existing phone?

No.  The University is has purchased new phones to use with this system.  Phones from existing non-VoIP phone systems will not work.

Can I keep using the current line I have in place and not convert to VoIP?

No.  All phone numbers will change and all lines on the old University centrex system will be disconnected.  Fax and other data lines (like alarms) will remain on the old system initially.  They will eventually be replaced with VoIP complaint alternatives.

What kind of phones were purchased?

There are a total of five phones available, three are standard desktop phones and the two others are specialty phones.  Here are the model numbers and links to more information about them:

Single Line - Aastra 6731i

Four Line - Aastra 6755i

Four Line (w/additional soft keys)- Aastra 6757i

Specialty equipment is available for an additional fee.  This equipment includes an expansion module to provide additional soft buttons (generally used by receptionists), a wireless model that will work in conjunction with the 6757i and a conferencing phone. 

Which phone will I receive?

The deployment team has come up with standard packages that determine which phone you'll receive based on your role and the phones location (e.g. Faculty, Staff, Conference Room, etc).  This "service catalog" will determine which phone you're eligible to receive at no cost.  If you wish to have a different device, there will be a cost associated with making that change.  The exact cost will depend on what equipment you are slated to receive and what item you're requesting.

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