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Platform: Windows XP

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

1. Go to the “Novell Client Downloads.”

2. Click on the link for “SAS Novell Netdrive (Preconfigured).

3. Select "Save to Disk" or "Save File" and click OK.

4. In the “Enter the name of the file to save to…” window, click on the drop-down menu for “Save in:” and select “Desktop.” Then click "Save." The file will be saved to your Desktop (see figure 1.1 below).

Figure 1.1: Save file to desktop

5. Double-click the file “fasnetdrive.exe” on your desktop. (If you get a "Security Warning", click "Run"). A Command Prompt window saying "Running Netdrive setup..." will appear and close automatically.

6. Click on "Start" > "All Programs" > "NetDrive" > "NetDrive".

7. A "NetDrive" window will appear with the correct settings.  (See Figure 1.2 below). Click "Connect".

Figure 1.2: NetDrive Connect

8. For “Username,” enter your Novell username in this format:


(See Figure 1.3 below).

If you are unsure what to enter here, contact your department’s Unit Computing Manager.

Figure 1.3: NetDrive Novell Login

9. For “Password,” enter your Novell password. Then click "OK".

10. Windows Explorer will open and display your NetDrive as the "N:" drive. (See Figure 1.4 below). This contains links to the Novell drives for which you have access (Home (H:), DriveW (Workgroup), and DriveS (Scratch)).

Figure 1.4: NetDrive Folders View

11. Delete the file fasnetdrive.exe from your desktop.

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