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There are two popular ways to take a screen shot of your screen with a Mac.

The first way is by holding down three buttons on your keyboard. There are several options for exactly what you want a screenshot of:

  • Command button + Shift + 3 --> this way will take a screenshot of your entire screen
  • Command button + Shift + 4 --> this way will allow you to take a screenshot of what you select on the page http://www.wikihow.com/images/0/0b/Capture-part-of-the-screen.png
  • Command button + Shift + 4, then space bar --> this way will take a screenshot of the window that you click (which will be highlighted when you hover over it)

After taking a screenshot, it should be saved to your desktop by default.

The second method is through using the application, Grab:

1. Open the Grab application by going to Finder > Applications > Grab. (The application will be open but no window will come up.)
2. With the application in use (you can tell by what shows up on the top left of your screen), select what you would like capture by clicking the capture button. There will be several options and it includes:

a. Selection: you choose what you want to be screenshotted
b. Window: the window that you click on will be screenshotted
c. Screen: this will take a screenshot of your entire screen
d. Timed Screen: this will take a screenshot of your entire screen after ten seconds

3. After taking the photo, it should pop up as a window. Once it pops up, go back to the toolbar on the left hand corner and click File. It should dropdown and give you options to Save and where to save it.


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