1. Login to Rutgers Connect normally using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (email or calendar for example).
  2. Connect to Microsoft Power Automate: https://make.powerautomate.com/
  3. Click + Create on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click Automated Cloud Flow
  5. Enter a name for the "Flow name" (e.g. "Email Alert")
  6. In Choose your flow’s trigger type: "new mail arrives"
  7. Click: When a new mail arrives (V3)
  8. Click Create
  9. Click on the box that appeared that says “When new email arrives (V3)”
  10. A box will slide out from the left. Click Show All
  11. In the "From" box, type the email addresses of everyone that you want included in the alert list. If you want to receive alerts if more than one person emails you just separate them with semicolons. For example: ;
    • If any email address returns the message "No values match your search", click on Use [email address] as a custom value
  12. You may want to include a personal email address so you can send from that address to your work address and make sure that the flow is working properly.
  13. When you’re done, just click to the right, in the area where the box originally appeared, and your changes will be saved.
  14. Now click the Email Plus Symbol sign under the box that says “When a new mail arrives (V3)” and then choose “Add an action
  15. Under "Add an action" type: "mobile notification"
  16. Click: Send me a mobile notification
    Add An Action
  17. In the "Text" box type (you can customize this): "Message from " and then click fx on the right.
    fx button
  18. Click ‘Dynamic Content’ and then choose ‘From’ and then ‘Add’. You’ll see that ‘From’ has been added. The system will replace that "From" with the sender of the message.
  19. Now add " with subject " (notice the space before with and after subject). Then click the fx again, click ‘Dynamic Content’ and then ‘Subject’ and ‘Add’.
    Dynamic content
  20. Your screen should now look like this:
    Email example
  21. Click again in the area where the flow is shown and you should see something like this:
    Flow example
  22. Click Save.
  23. You can click “Flow checker” if you want to confirm you did it right and it should say “No errors found.
  24. Now install the ‘Power Automate’ app on your phone. If you’re on an Android device be sure to install it form the work app store accessible from the Company Portal.
  25. Once the app has been installed, open it. You may have to login with your Rutgers NetID credentials but you’ll only have to do that once.

You’re done!

If you’ve included a personal email address in your list of addresses as suggested, you can test it by sending yourself an email from that address to your work email address.