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In the images that follow, the username and account information of an IT employee was used for demonstration purposes. Please replace these entries with your individual information where appropriate.

This documentation shows how to set up multiple Thunderbird Identities. Another Identity may be useful, for example, when using task-specific departmental addresses like help@ or . Perhaps you need to send messages "as" this entity, and you want to route all replies to a shared mailbox instead of your own. Furthermore, you want messages you send with this "alter ego" to be stored in a central, shared Sent folder where other departmental members can see all the messages sent in this fashion. By using a separate Identity, you can maintain this kind of separation between your own account and the task account.

To set this up, follow these steps:

After your supervisor has submitted a Confidential SUBMIT REQUEST to grant you access to the task account's Inbox and Sent folders, subscribe to the folders.
Next, go to the Tools menu and select Account Settings..

Thunderbird screenshot: Go to Tools at the top of the window and find Account Settings

Click on the Manage Identities.. button

Thunderbird screenshot: Select "Manage Identities"

Click on the Add... button

Thunderbird screenshot: Click "Add" after adding another identity

Enter the information appropriate for this Identity
In this case, we are entering an SAS IT department identity

Thunderbird screenshot" Enter the information for identity

Then click on the Copies & Folders tab
This gets a little interesting. You now need to select where SENT email goes, so it is saved in the correct place -- e.g., the task account's Sent folder instead of your own.
Click on the Other button and select <account name> -> Inbox -> <taskaccount> -> Sent

Thunderbird screenshot: Selecting where "Sent" email get saved to

Then click on Composition & Addressing
Uncheck Compose messages in HTML format
Click on THEN and select start my reply above the quote

Thunderbird screenshot:  Select "start my reply above the quote" and click OK

Now click OK to save all of these settings
It will now show you your list of Identities

Thunderbird screenshot: All identities should be shown

Push OK
Now when you go to Write a new email message, you will be able to select which Identity you want to be from a pop-up menu


You can have several different Identities