Unlike devices that use the ActiveSync protocol, Blackberry devices cannot natively (at least not yet) receive "push" updates directly from Zimbra.  NotifySync is payware that installs on the device and allows over-the-air synchronization of Contacts and Calendar to occur without the need for a Blackberry Enterprise Server.

SAS has pre-paid for a handful of NotifySync licenses for specific people but, for the most part, users will need to pay for this software themselves if they're interested in using it.  However, SAS has made an arrangement with the makers of NotifySync to allow SAS affiliates to purchase the software more cheaply and easily ($100 for the first year and $25 each year after).  To purchase, visit the NotifySync web page ( and use promotional code C1074005 during the checkout process.  Be sure to check the device for compatibility ( before spending any money!

During the checkout and/or registration process, you will need to know these details:
- the email server type is "Zimbra Collaboration Suite"
- the email domain is whatever appears after the "@" in the user's email address
- the external address of the Mail ActiveSync server is
- the domain under which the Mail ActiveSync server is administered is

Important Prep notes:  
1)  Previously, when this software was installed on the device, all contacts and calendar entries would be deleted before the synchronization took place.  The newer version of this software allows for the merging of the data on the phone and on the server.  We still strongly recommend backing up the calendar and contact information on both the server and the device before installing the software just as a safety measure.  The backup can be performed on the phone using the Blackberry Desktop Software.  Server calendar backups are handled automatically by the system every night but you can perform an up to the minute backup by using the export feature in the Zimbra web interface to make another copy for yourself.

2)  Before you install NotifySync, you should create an Appointments folder in Zimbra (e.g., Inbox->Appointments) and configure a mail filter to deliver calendar-related messages to it instead of the default location (Inbox).   This will prevent duplicates that could occur if both Zimbra and the Blackberry see and process these messages (the filter will hide them from the Blackberry, allowing Zimbra to be the calendar "master").  After creating the folder, in the webmail interface go to Preferences -> Mail filters and create a filter called 'Calendar.'  Add two conditions to that rule so that 'ALL' conditions are met:

- Body / contains / BEGIN:VCALENDAR
- Body / contains / PRODID:Zimbra-Calendar-Provider

Under 'Perform the following actions,' choose 'File Into Folder' and select the folder you just created.  Finally, make sure that 'Do not process additional filters' is set.

Then use the Zimbra PST import utility (see to bring the data into Zimbra.  After NotifySync has been installed and configured, the data will then sync back to the device.

How to Proceed:
Please refer to the following resources for more information about obtaining, installing, and using the software.