Login to Rutgers Connect normally (email or calendar for example).

Connect to Microsoft Flow: https://flow.microsoft.com/

Click + Create on the left side of the screen.

Click Automated Flow

Name our Flow (e.g. Email Alert)

In Search All Triggers type: new mail arrives

Click: When a new mail arrives (V3)

Click Create

Click Show Advanced Options

In the From box, type the email addresses of everyone that you want included in the alert list. This is just like emailing several different people. Enter each address and click on the name of the person when it comes up in the list below. If you want the alert to come from someone who doesn’t have an email in our system then just enter the full email address and hit Enter.

You may want to include a personal email address so you can send from that address to your work address and make sure that the flow is working properly.

Click + New step

Under Choose an action type: send an email

Click: Send an email (V2)

In to enter the email address you want to send the alert to.

  • For Verizon it will be your full cell phone number @vtext.com (e.g. )
  • For others:
Carolina West Wireless
Cellular One
Illinois Valley Cellular
Inland Cellular Telephone
Metro by T-Mobile
US Cellular
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile


Enter the subject of the email:


Message received:

A menu should have popped up when you entered that box. From that menu, choose From

This tells flow that the subject should be the words “Message received:” followed by the from address of the person who sent it.

Click in the box labeled Body and a menu will appear. Choose Subject.

This will tell flow to include the subject line from the message that was received in the body of the text message that is sent to alert you.

Click Save.

You’re done!

If you’ve included a personal email address in your list of addresses as suggested, you can test it by sending yourself an email from that address to your work email address.