You can find general information on purchasing at the Purchasing and RIAS web sites.  Your department probably has its own policy and procedure, so consult with someone internally on the purchasing process.  Many technology-related items can be purchased directly from other units with in Rutgers.  The findTech Connections website offers numerous hardware, software and peripherals at aggressive pricing levels. Personal purchases at discounted prices are also available.

Printers: The University runs a bidding process for printer suppliers. See University Procurement Services for pricing. Please note these prices do not include shipping. Different shipping rates may change which vendor is most inexpensive overall.

The University Software Portal should be the first place you look for software. Many titles are available for free or at discounted prices.

There are numerous external sources for equipment and software purchases. Ensure that you have exhausted your internal sources before looking outside the university. Your best price will likely be found internally.