There could be multiple reasons as to why you are unable to log in to a particular application. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot your issue:

1.   Are you using your NetID to log in?

  • The large majority of our applications require the use of your University issued NetID (not your Novell user name) and NetID password.  
  • Don't include @rci or @eden, etc. when typing in your NetID.  
  • If you would like to test your NetID, please visit  
  • Remember, you must have a valid and active NetID.

2.   Are you authorized to access the application?  

  • Certain applications are restricted to a limited set of users. You may not be allowed to log in to the application if you have not been granted access.  
  • Users may not request access for themselves, you must contact your manager or supervisor who has the authority to delegate access. If you SUBMIT A REQUEST asking for access for yourself we will be unable to do so.

3.   Do you have the proper role at the University?  

  • Many applications are written to not allow certain roles (Staff, Student, Alumni, Guest, etc.) at the University to have access.  
  • For example, certain applications may be restricted to staff only.