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Scanned Document Software Documentation

Using the Scanned Document Retrieval Software

Logging In

You can access the Scanned Document Retrieval software at or by following the link from the IT Services section of the SAS Website.

Enter your NetID (RCI/RIAS) username and password and click “Login.”

Choosing a Copier

The system will display a list of the copiers that you are permitted to retrieve scanned documents from. If you do not see a list of copiers, this means that you have not been granted permission to access any copier. In that case, click on the “Copier Admins List” button.  Here you find a list of copiers and the email address of the designated administrators. Email the administrator listed for your copier to request access.

Each copier will have a descriptive name and may also be configured to show the full name of each device. The devices are named according to a standard convention that allows for quick location and identification of the units. For example, machine “ham-001-rmpc4500-prn” denotes a Ricoh MPC4500 copier in Room 001 at 77 Hamilton Street.

Retrieving Scanned Documents

Find the name of your copier and click “View.”

  1. You will see a list of documents on the server. Keep in mind that if you scanned a large document or sent your document for OCR processing, it may take some time for it to appear in the list.
  2. From this screen, you can download the document to your computer, email it, or delete it.
  • To download: right-click on the name of your document and choose “save link as” (Firefox) or “save target as” (Internet Explorer). Choose the location where you want to save the document and click OK.
  • To email: in the “Action” drop-down box, choose “email.” Fill in email in the “Email address” text box and click “Submit Changes.”
  • To delete: Files that have been scanned and stored on the server are automatically purged from the system 2 days after they were uploaded. If you wish to remove a document sooner, in the “Action” drop-down box, choose “delete” and click “Submit Changes.”


Each copier can have one more designated administrators who have permission to modify the list of the users permitted to access the copier directory, as well as modify the descriptive name of the copier. Users who have been designated as the administrators will see a button labeled “Admin” next to the “View” button on the copier list screen.

When you click on the “Admin” button, the system shows you a Copier Administration page for that machine. There are five properties that can be changed:

  • Name: The descriptive name of the copier. This can be any name you wish but it should not contain asterisks or commas.
  • Directory: This is the full name of the unit and should never be modified. It is provided for use by technical support personnel.
  • Show Directory: When the list of photocopiers is displayed on the main screen, the format is "Name (Directory)". This provides the maximum amount of information to the user. In most cases, you should leave “Yes” selected. However, some areas may find the directory name confusing so selecting ““No”“ in this box will cause only the descriptive name to be displayed.
  • Admin Users: This box shows a list of current admins for the copier. To add another admin, enter their NetID in the small box above the list and click “add.” You can also remove admin users by highlighting their name in the list and clicking “Remove.” When you are done adding or removing admins, click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Standard Users: This box shows the users that are permitted to use the software to retrieve scanned documents from the copier. To add standard users, enter their NetID in the small box above the list and click “add.” You can also remove standard users by highlighting their name in the list and clicking “Remove.” When you are done adding or removing users, click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the screen.