To streamline the REQUEST submission process, we don't normally require you to login to request help.  However, there are times when we do need to verify your identity and appropriately restrict access to your request:

  1. When your request is about any sort of access rights (e.g., granting or revoking rights to directories, files, web applications, or any other electronic resources).
    • Examples:
      • Requesting new Joomla! user accounts or increased permissions for existing Joomla! users
      • Authorizing people to request billable editing and/or design website services
  2. When your request must communicate any confidential information that not should necessarily be view-able by all SAS technical staff (e.g., sensitive personnel matters, requests that include SSN's or similar confidential data items).

Marking REQUESTs as Confidential / Secure allows us to trust that the source of the request is genuine, and also ensures that the request is routed to the appropriate staff.