Zoom provides live closed captioning of meetings both live in-meeting and within saved cloud recordings. Utilizing automatic closed captioning on Zoom recordings begins with verifying the live transcription service directly within the Zoom account settings is enabled. Once enabled meeting participants can turn the closed captioning on or off directly through their meeting controls. After the meeting has concluded the processed Cloud Recording will attach the audio transcript file to the recording for editing and distribution.

This document will cover how to verify the live transcript service is enabled on your Zoom account, enable the feature to configure cloud recordings that will include closed captioning and how to access the recording along with the transcript after the meeting has concluded.

Verifying Closed Captioning is Enabled

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal at rutgers.zoom.us.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Settings.
  3. Navigate to the In Meeting (Advanced) settings and ensure Closed Captioning is turned on as well as the check box under that setting for Enabling live transcription service…

    In Meeting (Advanced) settings: enable Closed Captioning and live transcription service
  4. Navigate to the top of the page and select the Recording tab to reveal the settings for recorded meetings.
  5. In the Advanced cloud recording settings, click the Audio transcript checkbox to enable it, then click Save to confirm the change.

    Advanced cloud recording settings: enable "Audio Transcript"
  6. Once you are in the meeting you wish to record, start a cloud recording by pressing the Record button on the bottom of your Zoom meeting window. To ensure that transcripts are enabled for recordings, be sure to record “To the Cloud,” where Zoom’s tools can process them. You can also configure your meeting to be recorded during the scheduling of the meeting (See this link for more information). After the meeting ends, you will receive an email that lets you know that your cloud recording is available. A short time later, you also receive a separate email letting you know that the audio transcript for the recording is available. These emails include links to view your recordings and transcript.

Viewing and editing the transcript

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal at rutgers.zoom.us.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Recordings.
  3. Click the name of the recorded meeting that you wish to view and edit the transcript of.
  4. Click the Play icon on the recording. The text of the transcript will display to the right-hand side of the video.

    Recordings: "Play" icon

  5. Hover over a phrase with your cursor that you wish to edit and click the Pencil icon.
  6. Make any changes to the text and then click the Check mark. The transcription has now been edited and saved and will be reflected upon next viewing.

    Saving chnages to transcription

Displaying the transcript as Closed Captioning while viewing recording

The transcript is automatically embedded within the audio and video file, but is hidden by default. To have viewers of the recording see the transcript in the audio or video file:

  1. Have viewer(s) access the recording by providing them the link to the recording.
  2. Viewer will click the Play icon.
  3. Click the CC icon at the bottom right of the screen.

    The text displays on top of the video, similar to closed captioning.

Example of video with captioning