Joomla! 3.x

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Joomla! Administrator Login Overview
Account Cleanup
Clearing the Joomla! Cache
Global Check In
Unlocking Articles
Basic Editing (back-end)
Sliders within articles (Tabs and Sliders)
Sliders within articles
Adding Read More (to show Intro Text in Category Blog)
Article Versions
Basic Editing (front-end)
Checking responsiveness (mobile friendliness) of content
Creating a Category (Joomla! back-end)
Creating an Article (Joomla! back-end)
Creating an Article (Joomla! front-end)
Changing an Article's Category (Joomla! back-end)
Copying an Existing Article
Copying and Pasting from Excel to a Joomla Article
Copying and Pasting Text from MS Word
Definition Lists ( elements)
Finding an Article
Finding an Article from Main Menu (Joomla! back-end)
Hiding a Page Title
Lists: Creating and Formatting Lists
Re-ordering Articles
Removing Text Formatting
Spacing Between Lines
Styling Text and Paragraphs
Tables: Creating and Modifying
Overview of Custom Fields
Edit Courses - Front End
Edit Courses - Back End
Edit People - Front End
Edit People - Back End
Edit News - Front End
Edit News - Back End
Overview: Working with Images
Adding a Caption to an Image
Adding an image to an article [Joomla 3.x]
Adding an Image to Media
Modifying Image Properties
Link to Files on Box and Display in Popup
Creating a Button Link
Creating Anchor Links (Joomla! 3.x)
Creating and Editing URL Menu Items (Joomla 3.x)
Creating Links in Articles (Joomla! 3.x)
Using Joomla's Web Links Component
Deleting a Menu Item
Unpublishing a Menu Item
Adding an Image to a Menu Item
Adding Menu Modules
Configure Menu Item to Display Articles in Article Order (Joomla! 3.x)
Creating a Menu Item that links to a Category Blog
Creating a Menu Item that links to a Category List
Creating a Menu Item that links to a Single Article
Moving a Menu Item
Overview: What is a Module?
Adding a Custom Module
Assigning a Module to one or more menu items
Creating an "Articles - Category" module to display a Category List
Creating an "Articles - Newsflash" module to display content
Editing a Custom Module
Embedding a Map
Module Positions
Placing a Module within Content
Random Image Module
Overview: Where does Joomla store files?
Linking text to a file already uploaded to Media
Uploading a file using JCE File Browser
Uploading and linking to files within articles using JCE Editor PRO
Uploading and linking to PDF files using JCE Editor
Creating a Popup Link to a file with JCE Editor Image Manager Extended
Creating a Popup Link to an article, file, or image with standard JCE Editor
Host an Event
Opening Page Options
Types of Page Samples
Create a Branded YouTube Channel and Videos
Add Multiple Videos to your Home Page
Embed Video from Kaltura
Video Hosting Options at Rutgers
Displaying a Video Within an Article or Module (Joomla! 3.x)