To view and disable Joomla! users:

  1. Log into the back end "Administrator" interface of your website.
  2. Navigate to Users ---> Manage.
  3. Click the "Search Tools" button to reveal filters that can be used to search for users by name or group. 
  4. Once a user is found, check the box to the left of their name. 
    Please keep in mind that some users may be SAS-IT.
    When in doubt, submit an
  5. Click the "Block button.  Both "Block" and "Delete" will prevent a user from being able to log into the site. "Block" is reversible while "Delete" removes the account altogether, permanently.  To be safe, just use "Block". 
    Both will also remove them from Community Builder generated lists.   See
    * Note about sites using Community Builder.
  6. You may also change a blocked use's Group assignment to "Public" in the "Assigned User Group" tab in the settings that show after clicking a user's name.
    Note that changes in group membership will affect Community Builder lists.  See * Note about sites using Community Builder.

* Note about sites using Community Builder:  If your site uses Community Builder, please consult with us by way of an SAS-IT REQUEST. before changing group memberships.