The procedure explains how to edit articles using the Editor interface in Joomla! 3.x

1. Log on to your site using the Editor Login URL for your web site.
2. Browse to the article you wish to edit.
3. Click the Edit icon to edit your article: or Edit icon
4. Modify the text in the text area (see #1 below) under the formatting (WYSIWYG) toolbars as required.
5. Use the icons on the formatting toolbars (see #2 below) to format your text.  The function of each button on the toolbar will be displayed as you position the mouse cursor over it.  You can also find a guide to the functionality of all the editing buttons here.

 Article editing via front end

6. When copying and pasting text from other applications, use either the Paste clipboard or the Paste as Plain Text clipboard.
7. When you're done editing your article, save it by clicking the Save button to the upper right (see #3 above).
8. To cancel any changes you have made and close the article, click the Cancel button (see #4 above).