Note: this procedure will only work if the page where you want to add the article is either a “Category – List” or “Category – Blog”.


  1. Log in using the front-end editor URL for your web site.
  2. Browse to the location on your web site where the article should be added.  Once you reach the correct page, look for the "+ New" icon and link, which should appear below the articles currently listed on the page:

    Front-end Category List
  3. The first option is to give your article a title (see #1 below). Make the title meaningful to the content it provides. Do not worry about the alias (it will be created by Joomla).
  4. Insert the content of the article into the text box under the editing toolbars (see #2 below).
  5. You can format the content of your article using the buttons on the editing toolbars (see #3 below). The functionality of each button is displayed as you hover the mouse cursor over it. Also, a guide to all the buttons and their functions can be found at: https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/support/documentation/56-editor/340-editor-buttons
    Front end article editing
  6. Important note on copying and pasting from Word documents:
    • Please DO NOT copy and paste text directly from Word into the Article Text area! This can disrupt the formatting of your article, and in some cases, can render your web page unusable. Here is the safe way to paste text from Word:
      • Copy the text from Word.
      • Click somewhere inside the text area of your article to select a place where the Word text will be pasted.
      • Click the first Clipboard icon on the editing toolbar (see number 4 above).
      • Press "Ctrl + V" on the keyboard.
      • The text will be pasted, but without Word formatting that can mess up your article.
      • Click Insert.
  7. When you have finished entering and formatting the content, click on the Save button to save the article (see number 5 above).  Your article will now appear on the web site.