This procedure describes how to create a new article as a copy of an existing article.  This is especially useful when you would like to preserve the formatting of the original article.

1. Log in to the Administrator back-end.

2. Locate the article to be copied by clicking on Content then Articles.

New Article 1

3. Find the article you want to copy, then click on its title.

4 Click "Save as Copy" at the top (see #1 below).

5. Change the title of the article (see #2 below).

6. Delete the existing Alias; a new one will be generated from the new title (see #3 below).

7. Edit the article text as needed (see #4 below).

8. Change the status on the right to "Published" (see #5 below).

9. Click "Save & Close" at the top (see #6 below).

Copy an existing article