Categories can be thought of as folders that hold your articles. Categories can contain not only articles, but also additional categories (called subcategories). A category that contains subcategories is said to be the "parent" of those subcategories

Create Category

1. From the Joomla! Control Panel, click on Categories under "Content" to the left, and then click on the New button once on the categories page 


2. Hover over the Categories item under the "Content" tab at the top; then click on the Add New Category item that appears next to Categories

Create Category

Category Page Details

  • Enter a title for your category in the "Title" field
  • Enter an optional Category Description in the text area under "Description"
  • If the category should be a subcategory of another category, select the other category from the Parent dropdown menu to the right.
  • When completed working with the category, click Save & Close

Create Category2