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  1. Begin by typing the items in your list, and typing [Enter] after each item.  The [Enter] key creates a paragraph (<p>) in your article. This leaves a blank line in between each item (see #1 below):
  2. Highlight all the items on your list, then click the "Unordered List" button on the toolbar (see #2 below):
  3. Your items will appear as a bulleted list (see #3 below):
Creating a list
1. Place items with a <p> in between each one. 2. Highlight Items. Click on Unordered List. 3. List is complete. <p> </p>

Alternately, you can click on the "Ordered list" button (found directly to the left of the "Unordered List" button on the toolbar) to make the list ‘numbered’ instead of bulleted (unordered list).

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To display the list with different shading for alternate lines, you can select the "Striped List" style as follows:

  1. Highlight your list
  2. Select "striped-list" from the "Styles" dropdown menu (see below):
  3. Your list will be "striped" with different background colors for odd and even rows (note: this is not viewable in Editor Mode):
Creating striped lists
1. Select all of the bulleted items 2. Click on Styles. 3. Select Striped-list 4. Preview