The procedure explains how to copy and paste table data from Excel into an Article using the Joomla! Administrator interface (Joomla! 3.x). If you're copying text from a document or another website it may retain the styles applied to it. This could create formatting issues within the new article. These instructions show you how to copy and paste the content as plain text as well as clear any pre-existing formatting.

Paste without Microsoft Formatting

If you paste content directly from Microsoft Excel, it can cause formatting issues ranging from barely noticeable, to your entire page not displaying at all!  To safely paste from Excel you must:

  • Copy only the rows and columns from the Excel file that are needed in the Joomla page.
  • Click somewhere inside the text box of your article to select a place where the text will be pasted.
  • In the Article : Edit Article window, click the first Clipboard icon on the editing toolbar - see below. (On older versions of the editor, there will be a single clipboard with a drop-down menu; select the first option, "Paste," from the dropdown menu).

  • Type "Ctrl+V" to paste the text into the Paste popup window (see #1 below).
  • The text will be pasted, but without Excel formatting that can hinder the display of the article.
  • Click Insert in the lower right corner (see #2 below):

  • To save your changes and continue editing the article, click the Save button to the upper left: Save button
  • When you are done editing the article, click the Save & Close button to the upper left: Save & Close button

Table Formatting

Next you may want to add some styling so that the table resizes on small screens.  To do this, follow instructions for "Working with Tables - responsive" starting at the "Make a table Responsive" step.