Create the Menu Item:

  1. Log on to your site using the Administrator Login.
  2. Go to Menus > Main Menu  (or whichever menu you'd like to create the menu item in) and click Add New Menu Item:
    Add New Menu Item
  3. Enter the name for the menu item (as it should appear in the Menu) in the Menu Title field (see #1 below). You may leave the box for Alias blank; one will automatically be generated.
  4. Next to the box for Menu Item Type, click the Select button (see #3 below).
    New Menu item: Menu Title, Parent Item, and Menu Item Type "Select" button
  5. A "Menu Item Type" pop-up window will open. Click Articles, then click Category List (see #2 below):
    Menu Item Type: Category List
  6. Once this option is chosen, there will be a field titled "Choose a category". Select the appropriate category from the drop down list:
    Menu Item Type "Category List:" Choose a category
  7. If your new menu item should appear as a drop-down selection, go to the Parent Item drop-down menu and select the existing menu item that the new menu item should appear under (see #2 below).  If you leave "Menu Item Root" selected for Parent Item, your new menu item will appear as a top-level item:
    New Menu item: Menu Title, Parent Item, and Menu Item Type "Select" button
  8. Click Save to the upper left: "Save" button

Changing the Parameters of the Menu Item:

  1. While still in the "Menus: New Item" window, click "List Layouts" - see number 1 below
  2. Change "Display Select" to "Hide" - see number 2 below
  3. Change "Show Hits in List" to "Hide" - see number 3 below
  4. Change "Author in List" to "Hide" - see number 4 below
  5. Change "# Articles to List" to "All"
  6. Click Save & Close - see number 5 below

 Menu item:  "List Layouts" tab

A "Category List" Layout is appropriate for larger categories, or categories with long articles (such as faculty pages or course descriptions).  For displaying a smaller category, or a category with shorter articles (such as "News" or "Announcements"), a "Category Blog" may work better.