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A custom module contains some combination of text, images, and links.  Editing a custom module is very similar to editing an article.


In the below screenshot, "Contacts" is a custom module that contains text and links. The title of the module usually appears in a large font above the content within the module.

Sample custom module


  1. In the Joomla! back-end (Control Panel), navigate to Extensions > Modules, then click the New Button to create a new module:Screenshot 2023 03 20 at 3.53.40 PM
  2. For "Select a Module Type," select "Custom"
  3. Screenshot 2023 03 21 at 2.50.42 PM
  4. Under the formatting toolbars, edit the text that appears in the module (see #1 below). You can format the text using the buttons on the editor toolbars (see #2 below).

    Editing a Custom Module
  5. When done, click Save & Close: save and close
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