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Normally, a module is displayed in a specific module position.  It is also possible to nest (or embed) a module inside of an article.  For example, if you have a Rutgers Course List module displaying a department's list of courses, you can put the module inside of an article to display it along with other article content.


  1. Create the Module first
  2. If the module should only be displayed within an article, make the following changes to the module properties:
    • Leave the "Position" dropdown menu blank (see #1 below), or if a selection has been made, click the "x" to the right of the module position. 
    • Click the "Menu Assignment" tab (see #2 below)
    • 1
    • Change "Module Assignment" to "No Pages"
    • 2
    • Click Save & Close.
  3. Create the Article
  4. Click within the article text area to place the cursor where you want the module to appear.
  5. Click the Module button below the text area.  If you see two Module buttons, click the second one (it looks like it has multiple windows in its icon):
  6. Enter part or all of the module's title in the "Search in module title and note" field, then press [Enter] or click the search icon.  In the below example, the first arrow indicates that we're searching for a module with "web link" in its title:
  7. In the "ID" column, click the button with the number inside it to the left of your module's title (this is the module's ID number).  In the above example, the bottom arrow indicates that we are clicking the button with the number "309," which is the ID number of the "Faculty Listing" module.

    Although you can also click on the module title itself, we recommend clicking the module's ID number instead. This is because the module's ID number will not change and will be unique, while your module's title may change, and two or more modules may have the same title.
  8. The embedded module will not actually appear while you are still editing the article; instead, you will see the ID number of the module inside braces.

    Embed code for module displayed within article area
  9. Save & Close the article.
  10. When you view the article on the front end, the output of the module will be displayed within the article.  In this example, the article "Faculty" displays some text, then the listing of articles generated by the embedded "Articles  - Category" module:

    Article with embedded "Articles - Category" module
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