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A module's position refers to its location on the web page.  A module position can usually be identified by its location outside the main content area where articles appear.  Each Joomla! template will have a different list of module positions. 

SAS-RED module positions

SAS-RED is the template used for SAS unit websites.  Some of the most commonly used menu positions are:

Ccommonly used module positions in the SAS-RED template

  • Showcase-a - This position is located directly below the main menu, and spans the width of the page.  Showcase-a typically contains a SmartSlider slideshow or a single image with aspect ratio 3:1.
  • sidebar-b - This position sits to the right of the article area. On the homepage, this position will usually be occupied by a JEvents Latest Events module.  On most other pages, a menu module will appear in sidebar-b.  You can have several modules in the sidebar-b position; they will stack vertically.  If there are no sidebar-b modules on a page, the article area will extend to the right side of the page.
  • Mainbottom positions - Modules in these positions appear below the article area and any sidebar-b modules.  You can have up to four modules in Mainbottom positions; these positions area named (from left to right) Mainbottom-A, Mainbottom-B, Mainbottom-C and Mainbottom-D. These positions work best if you have modules in three or four of them, with each being a custom module containing a square image measuring 460 pixels per side.  The images within the modules should be linked to important pages on the website.  
  • extension positions - These module positions occupy the area below the Mainbottom positions, and essentially serve the same purpose. Use the extension positions if you need a second row of square custom modules below the Mainbottom modules.  The extension positions are named (from left to right) extension-a, extension-b, extension-c and extension-d.
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