Instead of uploading your videos directly to a Joomla! website, we recommend that you upload your video to a dedicated video hosting service such as Kaltura, Rutgers YouTube Channel or the SAS Youtube Channel.  Once it has been uploaded, the video can be displayed within an article or module using the All Videos plugin.

Rutgers and SAS Visual Identity Requirements

To be in compliance with Rutgers and SAS Visual Identity Requirements, a video made by or for a unit in SAS must have the Rutgers logotype with the SAS signature appear prominently at or near the opening or closing.

Learn more and download a compliant video slide here:

Accessibility Requirements

To comply with accessibility standards, make sure all videos are closed-captioned before you add them to your website. Captioning is typically handled by the service providing video hosting.

Video Hosting Options

Rutgers YouTube Channel

The Rutgers iTV Studio can assist with uploading your video to the Rutgers YouTube channel. Submit your video:

YouTube Upload Request Form

Note that accurate closed captions are required for videos on the Rutgers YouTube channel. The Rutgers iTV Studio charges a fee for creating captions for videos. You can also provide captions and they will be uploaded at no cost.

For more information, questions and concerns, contact the Rutgers iTV Studio.

Kaltura (Canvas/Mediaspace)

You can upload videos to Kaltura, which is part of Canvas. Any videos uploaded to Kaltura will give you the option to add closed captioning automatically; you can then edit the captions for accuracy. Rutgers faculty or staff can request a Kaltura account.

Get started with Kaltura

School of Arts and Sciences YouTube Channel

Contact the SAS Communications Office to have your video uploaded to the SAS YouTube Channel:

SAS Office of Communications

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