This document explains how to upload multiple files simultaneously using the DOCman document manager component for Joomla!.

Uploading Multiple Files

  • Log into your Joomla! site administrator URL.
  • Click on the "Components" menu, and select "DocMan > Documents"
  • Click the "Upload" icon" above the list of files: DOCman upload button
  • Drag your files to the "Drop files here" area of the popup window that appears:

    DOCman: Drop files here

  • Select the appropriate category from the Category dropdown (see #1 below).
  • If you want to rename the documents within DOCman, change the text in the Title fields (see #2 below).
  • Click Save to the upper left (see #3 below):

    Screenshot 2023 06 15 at 11.30.47 AM

  • Click the word "here" near the top in the green message "Documents have been successfully created. Click here to close the uploader" to exit the document uploader window:

    DOCman: Closing the document uploader