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JEvents is a third-party extension for Joomla! that allows you to add event information in either a calendar or list format.  As you create events, they will appear on your website in JEvents menu items or modules that have been configured to display events from the appropriate categories.


  1. Login to the Joomla! Administrator back-end.
  2. Click on "Components > JEvents"

    JEvents Add

  3. At the JEvents Dashboard, hover the mouse over the left sidebar (or top menu, if the left sidebar does not appear), then select Manage Events.
    1. JEvents left sidebar (larger browser sizes):
      JEvents Control Panel: Manage Events
    2. Top menu (smaller browser sizes):

      JEvents 3.6.x: Manage Events icon (top menu)
  4. Click the "New" button: JEvents "New" Button
  5. Enter a title for the event in the "Title" field (see #1 below).
  6. If your website has more than one calendar, select the appropriate one from the "Events calendar" dropdown menu (see #2 below).
  7. For Categories, select one or more categories that should display your event (see #3 below).
  8. Enter a short description of your event in the "Description" text box.  Note that you can format your description the same way you would format an article (see #4 below).
  9. Enter the location of your event in the "Location" field (found under the "Description" text box).

    JEvents 3.6.x: Create an event

  10. Click on the "Calendar" tab under the "JEvents" logo (see #1 below).
  11. Click the mini-calendar icon below "Start date" and select a start date for your event (see #2 below).
  12. Type a Start Time in the Start Time field and select "am" or "pm" (see #3 below).
  13. If the event will span more than one day, click the mini-calendar icon below "End date" and select an end date for your event.
  14. Type an End Time in the End Time field and select "am" or "pm" (see #4 below).
  15. Click "Save & Close" (see #5 below).

    JEvents: Set event date and time


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