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You can group events into categories in JEvents the same way you can group articles into categories.  Creating categories for similar types of events (such as "Conferences," "Lectures," "Meetings," and "Symposia") allows you to create modules or menu items that display events from one or more categories.

Creating a Category

  • Log on to your site using the Administrator Login
  • Go to "Components > JEvents":

    JEvents Add
  • At the JEvents Dashboard, hover the mouse over the left sidebar (or top menu, if the left sidebar does not appear), then select MANAGE CATEGORIES
    • JEvents left sidebar (larger browser sizes):

      JEvents 3.6.x: Manage Categories

    • Top menu (smaller browser sizes):

      JEvents: Manage Categories
  • Click New to create a new category: JEvents 3.6.: Manage Events "NEW" icon
  • Enter a title for your category in the "Title" field (see #1 below)
  • If your category should be a subcategory of an existing JEvents category, select the existing category from the "Parent" dropdown menu (see #2 below)
  • Choose a color for your category (optional):
    • Click Options (see #3 below)
    • Click in “Choose Colour” and use the color picker to select a color
  • When done, click SAVE & CLOSE (see #4 below)
    Creating a new category in JEvents
  • You can now select your new category when creating or editing an event.
  • You can also select your category when creating a JEvents module or menu item.  The module or menu item will only show events from the selected category or categories.

Deleting a Category

Before deleting a category, all events within the category must be deleted and emptied from the trash.

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