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If your department has a repeating JEvent on your calendar, you can remove or edit a single instance of the event, or remove all repetitions of a repeating event.


  • Navigate to "Components > JEvents"

    JEvents Add

  • At the JEvents Dashboard, hover the mouse over the left sidebar (or top menu, if the left sidebar does not appear), then select Manage Events.
    • JEvents left sidebar (larger browser sizes):
      JEvents Control Panel: Manage Events
    • Top menu (smaller browser sizes):

      JEvents 3.6.x: Manage Events icon (top menu)
  •  If the event you're looking for doesn't appear, click SEARCH (see #1 below), then change " - Hide Past Events - " to "Show Past Events" (see #2 below):

    JEvents 3.6.x: Show past events

{slider Removing Specific Instances of a Repeating Event}

  • Find the repeating event you wish to remove/edit. You may need to enter some part of the title into the search bar for this.
  • Click on the 3 lined icon under the title "repeats"
    JEvents: Repeating Event icon

  • Click the checkbox (or checkboxes) for the repeating instance (or instances) of the event you would like to delete (see #1 below).
  • To delete, click the DELETE button (see #2 below).

    JEvents 3.6.x: Delete a repetition of a repeating event

  • The repetitions of the event you deleted will no longer appear on your calendar.

{slider Removing all Repetitions of an Event}

  • Find the repeating event you would like to edit and click on its Title:

    JEvents 3.6.x: Select a repeating event

  • Once the event opens, select the tab labeled "Calendar" (see #1 below).
  • Under "Repeat type", select "No Repeat" (see #2 below).
  • To enact this change, click "Save & Close" (see #3 below).

    JEvents: 3.6.x: Delete all repetitions of an event

  • All repetitions of your event will disappear from the calendar, except for the original occurrence.


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