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You can embed a Latest Events module within an article, so that a list of events appears within the article.


  1. Create a "JEvents Latest Events" module to display the latest events from one or more categories.
  2. Create an article that will contain the JEvents Latest Events module
  3. Select the Module button below the text area.  If you see two Module buttons, click the second one (it looks like it has multiple windows in its icon):

    "Module" button

  4. Enter part or all of the module's title in the search field, then press [Enter] or click the search icon (see #1 below).
  5. In the "ID" column, click the button with the number inside it to the left of your module's title (this is the module's ID number; see #2 below).

    Inserting a "JEvents - latest events" module into an article

    Although you can also click on the module title itself, we recommend clicking the module's ID number instead. This is because the module's ID number will not change and will be unique, while your module's title may change, and two or more modules may have the same title.
  6. Save & Close your article

Sample Display

The events from the JEvents Latest Events module will be displayed as a list within your article:

Example of "JEvents Latest Events" module embedded within an article

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