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There are various types of menu items that can display JEvents calendar events on a Joomla! website.  This article demonstrates some of the most commonly used types:

  • Date Range
  • List of Events
  • View by Month


To create a menu item that displays JEvents in one of the formats shown under Examples, do the following:

  • Log on to your site using the Administrator Login.
  • Go to Menus > Main Menu  (or whichever menu you'd like to create the menu item in) and click Add New Menu Item:

    Creating a new menu item

  • Enter the name for the menu item (as it should appear in the Menu) in the Menu Title field (see #1 below). You may leave the box for Alias blank; one will automatically be generated.
  • Next to the box for Menu Item Type, click the Select button (see #3 below).Joomla! 3: New menu item options

  • A "Menu Item Type" pop-up window will open.  Select JEvents - Core (see #1 below), then select the desired format for the event display:

    • To display a date range of events in the "Float" format, select Date Range (see #2 below)
      • Go to the "Range Date & Time Settings" tab and select the desired options for the date range to display
      • Go to the "Options" tab and select "Float" from the "Choose JEvents Theme" dropdown menu
    • To display events in a table-style list, select List of Events (see #3 below)
      • Go to the "Options" tab
      • Under "Select Columns to Display," click the columns to be displayed in the list of events.
    • To display events in a calendar format, select View by Month (see #4 below)
  • When done selecting the menu item type and configuring its options, click Save & Close.

Joomla! 3: New JEvents menu item options

Examples of JEvents Menu Items

List Format

Displaying Events as a Menu Item in a List Format

"View by Month" Calendar format

Display Events as a Menu Item in a Calendar type format

Date Range with "Float" Theme

Display Events as a FLOAT menu item

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