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The RU Courses module displays the course schedule for a specific subject, or courses by course ID number.

Below is a sample display of the RU Courses Module:

Sample of the RU Courses Module


1) Create a new RU Courses Module.

  • Go to Extensions --> Modules and click New.
  • From the list of choices of module types, select "Rutgers Course List".

Select a Module Type: Rutgers Course List

2) Configure the new module.

  • Enter a "Title" for the module - for example, "Undergraduate Courses" (see #1 below).
  • Select the subject from the "Subject" dropdown menu (see #2 below).
  • Select "Undergraduate" or "Graduate" for "Course Level" (see #3 below).
  • If additional courses from other subjects should be displayed, enter the course numbers, separated by commas, in the "Additional Course Listings" (see #4 below).
    • Enter the additional courses with the format schoolnumber:subject:course or schoolnumber:subject:course:section; for example:
      • 01:350:101
      • 01:350:101:01
  • Click the Menu Assignment tab (see #5 below) and set Module Assignment to "No pages".

    Rutgers Course List: module configuration
  • (Optional) To make additional changes, click the "Module" tab, then change "Override global settings" to "Use custom settings for this module (more options will show when this is selected)." 

    Overriding global settings in the RU Courses module
  • You can then show (by checking) or hide (by unchecking) the following options:
    • Show Section Notes
    • Show Section Subtitles
    • Show Section Comments
    • Show Index Numbers
    • Show CORE Codes & PreReqs
    • Hide Fall Semester
    • Hide Winter Semester
    • Hide Spring Semester
    • Hide Summer Semester
  • When done, click Save & Close.

3) Create a new Joomla! article to embed the module.

This article only needs a short line of code to display the module.

  • Create an article in the Joomla! back-end or the front-end.
  • To embed the module, click the Module button below the text area. If you see two Module buttons, click the second one (it looks like it has multiple windows in its icon):

    Click the "Module" button below the text area
  • Enter part or all of the module's title in the "Search in module title and note" field, then press [Enter] or click the search icon.
  • In the "ID" column, click the button with the number inside it to the left of your module's title (this is the module's ID number). In the below example, the arrow indicates that we are clicking the button with the number "1252," which corresponds to the module with title "Undergraduate Course List."

    Click the Module ID number
  • Once selected, "Insert Module" window will close and you will see a bit of text between curly braces, similar to the following:

    { module id+155" }

    This code embeds the module so that it displays in the article:
    Module embed code within article content area
  • Save & Close the article.


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