This document explains how how to refresh pictures in Latest News Enhanced pages by clearing the Joomla! Cache.

When images are updated or added to articles being displayed by Latest News Enhanced, the new images won't appear until the Joomla! cache is cleared.


  1. Log on to your site using the Administrator Login.
  2. Select Clear Cache from the System menu:

    clear cache
  3. Check the box to the left of any of the following entries under "Cache Group:"
    • com_latestnewsenhanced
    • com_latestnewsenhancedpro
    • mod_latestnewsenhanced
    • mod_latestnewsenhancedpro
  4. Click Delete:
    clear cache 2
  5. This will clear cached LNE images.
  6. Reload the original browser windows displaying the Latest News Enhanced images; any updated images should now be visible.
  7. Log out from the Administrator Login by clicking the dropdown arrow above the Joomla! logo in the upper right corner of the Administrator page (see #1 below), then clicking Logout (see #2 below):