IMPORTANT: The computer that you want to remote control via Remote Desktop must remain powered on in order for you to control it. You do NOT need to connect to the VPN when following these instructions.

Required Items:

  1. Minimum OS X Version: 10.12 (MacOS Sierra) or later on your home machine
  2. You will need the ip address of your office machine. (Your Dept IT Manager can assist you with getting that information)
  3. Download/Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Using Microsoft Remote Desktop

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop

  1. Download/Install “Microsoft Remote Desktop” from the App Store on your home machine
  2. Open “Microsoft Remote Desktop”
  3. Click “Add Desktop” or the “+” button

    RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 01

  4. Enter the Following:
    • PC NAME: IP Address of your Office PC:9833 (eg.
    • User Account: “Ask me every time” or “Ask when Required”
  5. Select “Add Gateway” from the drop down menu

    RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 02
  6. Enter the Gateway Name:

    RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 03

  7. Click Add
  8. Click Add
  9. Double Click the saved Desktop IconRemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 04
  10. Enter the following:
    • User Name: rad\NetID
    • Password: Your NetID Pasword
  11. Click Continue

 RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 05




If you get a Certificate Couldn’t be Verified Message:

RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 06

  1. Click Show Certificate
  2. Select “Always trust …”

    RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 07

  3. Click Continue
  4. Enter your macbook/Imac credentials when the “You are making changes to your Certificate Trust Settings” pop up window appears.
  5. Click Update Settings

    RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 08

  6. Click Continue

    NOTE: Please keep in mind that you should minimize or exit your Remote Desktop session before trying to use videoconferencing or calling software. If you run those software programs on the office computer you're remote controlling, it will use the camera and/or microphone on the office machine.

  7. The Remote Session will now begin


Once Remote Desktop connects a window will open displaying your office PC’s screen. Launch programs and use your computer as you normally would when sitting at your desk.

It’s best to use Full Screen Mode by clicking on the Maximize icon.

RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 09

Once you’re in Full Screen mode you can use the minimize button to minimize your office PC’s screen or click on the X to close the session to your office PC.

RemoteDesktopConnectionMacs viaRemoteDesktopGateway 10

NOTE: Make sure you click the X to close the session to your office PC. Do NOT click Shut Down inside the Remote Desktop Session as this will power off your remote office computer!