Thursday, 12/1/2016 - Migration of SAS Accounts into Rutgers Connect



The migration of the bulk of the users in SAS to Rutgers Connect is ready to move forward. We had planned on moving sooner but some technical issues required us to delay. We were then asked to split our move into smaller chunks rather than moving everyone at once so we've broken our areas up into 10 migration groups. I've included those groups below for your reference.

(Note: Math, Physics and Computer Science have already been migrated so they are not listed.)

You'll notice that the only group that has a definite date listed is Dean's Office. Once we've completed the Dean's Office migration we'll have a better sense of how long it will take to move the remaining groups. When I have that information I'll send another e-mail and update our website with projected dates for each of the groups.

While there have been some delays in implementation, the process remains unchanged.

Someone from SAS IT has already reached out to each department to gather necessary information. As we get closer to the migration date for your area, we will be contacting each area again if we have additional questions.

About three weeks before the actual cut-over, the Data Verification phase will begin. Each user will receive an email with a link to software that will allow them to review what we'll be doing for them during the move. This will give everyone the opportunity to understand what is happening, ask questions, or make corrections. Once that process is complete, the data will be sent to OIT, accounts will be setup, users will be asked to test them, and then we'll begin moving the data. Once the data has been copied, we'll perform the actual cut-over and everyone will begin reading mail in Rutgers Connect.

After the cutover, there will be a fair amount of cleanup. We'll assist you with configuring your mobile devices and e-mail clients as well as help you migrate mail from any secondary accounts you need. Extra IT staff will be available both on-site and remotely during each group's migrations.

Additional details will be sent to the members of each area as their move gets closer. At all times the most updated information, including copies of all communications, can also be viewed on the SAS IT Connect Website.

- Tom

Group 1 - Data Verification: Now, Tentative Cutover: 12/12

  • SAS - Dean's Office
  • SAS - Dean's Office - Undergrad Edu - Academic Svcs
  • SAS - Dean's Office - Undergrad Edu - Scholarships
  • SAS - Dean's Office - Undergrad Education - Honors
  • SAS - Undergraduate Education Admin

Group 2

  • SAS - Women's & Gender Studies
  • SAS - Women's Global Center
  • SAS - Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • SAS - Language Institute
  • SAS - Linguistics
  • SAS - Geography
  • SAS - Criminal Justice
  • SAS - Inst of Research on Women
  • SAS - Latino and Caribbean Stds
  • SAS - African Studies, Ctr
  • SAS - Africana Studies

Group 3

  • SAS - French
  • SAS - Italian
  • SAS - Classics
  • SAS - Cinema Studies
  • SAS - Modern Greek
  • SAS - Slavic Languages
  • SAS - Germn,Russ&E Euro Lang&Lit
  • SAS - History

Group 4

  • SAS - English / English Writing Program

Group 5

  • SAS - Art History
  • SAS - Economics
  • SAS - ESL
  • SAS - PALS
  • SAS - Political Science

Group 6

  • SAS - Psychology
  • SAS - Religion

Group 7

  • SAS - Statistics
  • SAS - South Asian Studies
  • SAS - Asian Language & Cultures
  • SAS - Anthropology
  • SAS - CCA
  • SAS - Sociology

Group 8

  • SAS - American Studies
  • SAS - Comparative Euro Studies
  • SAS - Comparative Literature
  • SAS - Jewish Studies
  • SAS - Philosophy
  • SAS - Kinesiology and Health
  • SAS - Middle Eastern Studies
  • SAS - Psychology-Child Study
  • SAS - Raritan Review
  • SAS - Thomas A. Edison Papers
  • SAS - Afri,Mdle E&So Asn Lng&Lit
  • SAS - Ctr for Cognitive Sciences
  • SAS - Ctr Vision, Medicine&Graph
  • SAS - Latin American Studies Prg
  • SAS - Spanish & Portuguese
  • Confucius Institute

Group 9

  • SAS - Chemistry

Group 10

  • SAS - Division of Life Sciences


*Thomas J. Vosseler*
Executive Director of Information Technology
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
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