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When SAS receives a request for a Docusign Advanced Account (one that can create templates and powerforms in docusign), an email will be sent to the requestor, which must be ACCEPTED and VERIFIED.  If this does not happen, then it's possible you will have two docusign accounts.  One docusign account with Rutgers and one account with School of Arts and Sciences.

To create templates / powerforms it is important that this is always done under the School of Arts and Sciences account, this way our team can support your work.

What the top part of the demo environment looks like if you are logged into the RUTGERS ACCOUNT (top right side of your screen)

rutgers login view

  1. click on your INITIALS
  2. In the popup switch accounts to the SAS Account

switch account1

switch account2

If the School of Arts and Sciences Account is not your DEFAULT ACCOUNT, click on SET AS DEFAULT ACCOUNT.

 set default account

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