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  • We have been advised by OIT that the creation and testing of all DocuSign templates and powerforms should be done in our demo environment.
  •  The main reason for this change is that the production DocuSign environment creates legally binding documents.
  • When you want to create a new Docusign process, you should begin in the demo environment.
  • Create and test your process(es) in demo and when you are ready to go live, you will move the template(s) to the production environment.
  • The demo environment operates in the same fashion as production and you will have the same level of access.
  • The screen colors are different, and all emails sent out from the system have a SAS logo that clearly states DEMO.
  • Additionally, completed envelopes in the demo environment state that the document is a “Demonstration Document Only”.

docusign demo

docusign prod

  • Video Included: Video Included