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What if you want EITHER one person or another to sign a document. Perhaps you have 2 directors and it doesn’t matter which director actually signs the document.

Things to think about:

  • Once ONE of these people sign the document the other cannot sign or open the document
  • If you want BOTH to be able to ‘view the signed document’, then also add both as ‘CC’ on the template (but set it as not as a signer)

How to setup

  • Create a TICKET, request – need assistance for Docusign, assign to Matt W.
  • Ask for Group Signers
  • Include what email addresses will be in this group for this particular document
  • When you set it up, instead of using a ‘specific’ email, you will select the ‘group’.
  • For example, I can search for ‘Data Science’ and I will see a group that has been created.

group signer 1

Once the group is selected, if you hover over the group members you can see who is included in this group
group signor2
  • Video Included: Video Included