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Create a Template

The key difference between creating envelopes and templates is that with templates you can add placeholder roles to your recipients list. The placeholder role represents a recipient in the envelopes created when you use the template. When you later start an envelope using your template, you fill in the actual person's information for that role. Typically, you use placeholder roles for the recipients rather than named persons, as you likely will send the template to different people every time you use it.

If your template is complete, you can save even more time. For a template to be complete, it must contain at least one of each of the following items: file, recipient, and recipient field. When you use a complete template, you have the option to simply fill in your recipient names and add the email message; if your account uses envelope custom fields, you can also enter the field values.


Click to create a NEW Template

  1. Click on TEMPLATES on the top menu
  2. Click NEW – Create Template on the LEFT SIDE

create a template 1



  • Template Name & Description
  • Add Document -> sign-doc1.pdf
  • Add Recipient ROLE -> manager

create a template 2


Build the document the same as what was done before…

  • Add fields for ‘manager’
  • Drag Fields into document
  • Hit Save & Close to complete

create a template 3