Add Bulk Import for Recipients

  • 1.Create New Envelope
  • 2.USE Single Use Template (that was created before)
  • When using Bulk Import, each TEMPLATE will have a different ‘bulk import file’ setup, so it is important to ‘redownload’ each time what that format should be. The format will include ALL of the required fields in order for this process to work.
  • If you click to ‘custom email’ to recipients, the import will look different then if that is unchecked.

Sample of Clicking on "Advance Edit":

docusign advanceedit

Determine Bulk Layout

Sample of Downloading the sample CSV template

docusign downloadbulkformat

Sample layout file: (if Language is needed for English use: en):

docusign samplelayoutfile

Enter data into csv, save file (keep as csv file):

docusign enterdata

Import Bulk Layout

Sample of Importing Bulk Layout

docusign importbulklayout

Bulk list preview

docusign bulklistpreview

See status of signatures

docusign seestatus