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Create Multiple Signature Template

  • If your envelope has more than one recipient, you can choose to set a signing order. The signing order lets you control the order in which your recipients receive and sign your documents.
  • With Set signing order enabled, you can specify a recipient routing order.
  • You can set up a simple sequential routing order, where each recipient receives the email notification once the previous recipient has completed their action. You can also have a mix of sequential and parallel routing.
  • When you use a signing order, you can route an envelope to the same person multiple times.
  • For example, you want to send a purchase order to your manager to approve, then send it on to purchasing to sign, and finally send a copy to your manager again.
  • With Set signing order disabled, all recipients receive the document in parallel.
  • In the example, I’m setting up a sequence in the TEMPLATE using ‘roles’, the actual email addresses will be used when the actual ENVELOPE is created and sent. But this sets up the SEQUENCE of signing.
  • TASK:
    -Create NEW TEMPLATE
  • -Use the sign-doc2.doc
  • -Add Recipients (just add their ‘Role’)
    • oSupervisor
    • oManager
    • oEmployee
  • Supervisor

Example of signing order


docusign creating te mHDia

Define Document for Multiple Signatures

  • Add Name, Signature & Date to document as fields
  • For each field, specify the Recipient for those fields.
  • You can drag ‘initial’ to the end of each paragraph, and set the initial to be the ‘employee’.
  • Each field can have a ‘Tooltip defined’
  • If you set a DATA LABEL to be the SAME for multiple field types, then when data is entered in a field, it will be ‘re-used’ in other fields, so it doesn’t have to be re-entered.

Example of multiple signature on 1 document

docusign datalabel

Create Envelope with Signing Order

  • New Envelope
  • Select to USE A TEMPLATE
  • Select the template (that has multiple signatures)
  • Add Recipients to Envelope
  • Note: when Supervisor is entered, it will automatically fill that name in for position 4 as well (same person)

Example of envelope with signing order

docusign creatingenv V4jqa

  • Send it out
  • Video Included: Video Included