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Create with Default Alias

Create Short Cut Link – Default Alias

To make the forms easier to access, it is possible to create a shortcut link


  • Get your POWERFORM URL LINK (from docusign), <ctrl c> so it’s in clipboard
  • Login with CAS
  • Click on  Shrink a link
  • Type the TITLE
  • Paste the URL
  • Hit SHRINK
  • Copy the new Shortcut Link

shortcut default1

shortcut default2

shortcut default3


Create Custom Alias


  • You can easily change the long URL to another link, and the shortcut stays the same
  • The shortened link will make more sense to the user
  • You can have multiple aliases for the same link


From the go.rutgers.edu Website:

Can I choose the URL my link will be shortened to?

  • To create a custom short URL, you must have the “power user” role. This role is available only to faculty and staff members. To request to be added to this role, please email along with your NetID.
  • Once you have Power User Status, it is easy to add an alias to your shortcut URL

Create new link / or Edit link

create shortcut alias

Add an Alias to Shortcut

create shortcut1

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