SAS files stored in the Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) storage system can be accessed from off campus via a simple process.  The general process is similar for both Windows and Mac users (connect to VPN, then access files).  These instructions assume Windows.

  1. Install the VPN client and connect to the Rutgers VPN.
  2. Go to a command line (e.g., press WindowsKey+R, type cmd and press Enter).  Then enter this command:
    net use * \\\dfs\sas /u:rad\yourNetID /p:no
    Alternatively, you can use the Map Network Drive function in Windows Explorer and specify "Connect using different credentials." *  If you use this method, be sure to enter your username as RAD\Netid and not just your Netid.

    Enter your Netid password when prompted and take note of the drive letter that gets connected. *
    * Note:  if you are already logged into a computer that was joined to the RAD domain you may not need to specify credentials.

  3. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the drive letter in question and find the folder / file you're looking for.
  4. When you are finished accessing your files, you can right-click the drive letter and choose to Disconnect it.  Or issue a command like this from the command line:
    net use <drive_letter>: /delete
  5. Disconnect from the VPN.

Where are my files?

In Rad, all SAS shared files are stored under \\\dfs\Sas.  Most top-level folders in this location correspond with "W:" drives for different departments.  Inside your department's W: folder, you'll find the regular directory structure you're used to seeing.  There are some other folders at this top level as well, most notably RutgersSAS (for cross-department sharing) and Webpages (where some individuals' web content is stored).  If you can't find what you're looking for, please submit a SUBMIT REQUEST and we'll be glad to assist you.

Home directories are stored in a different location than shared files. Each department has its own path.  These follow the pattern of \\\dfs\SASDeptHome -- e.g., \\\dfs\SasStatisticsHome (no username is to be appended).  Hint: Dept will match the W: folder name in \\\dfs\Sas.  To connect a drive letter to your Home folder, you can use the same techniques specified above, altering the path as necessary.