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A Joomla! website has a ‘back end’ and a ‘front end’.  The front end is the public view of the website, and also allows Joomla! users to log on and make some basic edits to the site.  The "back end" (Joomla! Administrator) gives you much more control of the website.

  1. Open a new tab in your browser by typing either [Ctrl]+T (Windows) or [CMD]+T (Mac), or by clicking the new browser tab option in your browser:
  2. newtabupdatedscreenshot
  3. Go to the main URL for the website to view the front end; for example:
  4. Open another new tab in your browser.
  5. To go to the Joomla! Administrator (back end), enter the URL for the website, followed by "/administrator" - for example:
  6. If you see a blue "NetID Login" button, click it:

    Joomla! Administrator Login (with "NetID Login" button)
  7. Then login to the Rutgers Central Authentication System with your NetID:Rutgers NetID login
  8. You will then see the "Home Dashboard," indicating that you are logged on to the Joomla! back end:

    Joomla! Home Dashboard 
  • Video Included: Video Included